Wright Brothers, Inc. produces, sells and distributes high-performance specialty gases to Northeastern, Central, Southwestern Ohio and Northern Kentucky. As a leader in bioscience, research and industrial gas services, Wright Brothers is committed to finding innovative and cost-effective solutions for our customers and for the industry.

Wright Brothers continues to bring new gas solutions to a large base of dynamic industries including healthcare, food and beverage, floral, electronics, energy, manufacturing and others.

In 1950, Wright brothers, Charles H. and Morrow established the company. Although Wright Brothers’ founders were not related to the famous fathers of flight, they decided at an early age to model their lives and their company after the famous family. The foundation of Wright Brothers is built on those standards--- discipline, drive, courage and commitment—and consistently strives to emulate the expectations of the famous last name.

Today, Charlie C. Wright, CEO and owner of Wright Brothers, Inc., remains dedicated to building the business with the same passion his father and uncle had over fifty years ago.

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