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Wright Brothers, Inc. Celebrates 70 Years of Leading & Learning

CINCINNATI —Wright Brothers, Inc. was founded in 1950 by the
Wright Brothers. Not Orville and Wilbur, but Charles W. and Morrow.
Though not related to the Kitty Hawk Wright Brohers, Charles and
Morrow decided at an early age to model their lives and subsequently
their company afler the famous brothers. The foundation
of Wright Brothers is built on those standards -discipline, drive,
courage and commitment.

The origin or Wright Brothers predates the company, with
Charles having worked for Air Reduction in Dayton, Ohio. He
knew that the company was looking for a deaJer in Cincinnati,
so Charles decided to open up his own business. Meanwhile,
Morrow Wright had been working for Ed Turner, father of
the famous Ted Turner, at an advertising billboard business
in Northe rn Kentucky. When the Turner fomily decided to
re tu rn to Georgia, Morrow joined his brother Oiarles to start
Wright Brothers.

Initially. Charles dissuaded his son, Charlie, from joining
the business. "My dad told me to gel an eogineering degree
and go to work for a big corporation." says Charlie Wright,
CEO of Wright Brothers, Inc ."Don't even think about getting
involved with Wright Brothers."

So, Charlie did just that. He got his degree and became
an engineer and the Plant Manager with the Kenner Toy
Division of General Mills in Cincinnati. Later, he earned an
MBA from Xavier University and then taught at the University
of Cincinnati Evening College.

"My uncle was the one who recruited me back to join him
because he wanted to step back from the business," Charlie
said . "That was his succession plan . I thought 'I 'll do it for a
year and prohably get bored.' That was in 1976 and I haveo't
been bored yet."

When Charlie joined the company, he and Morrow worked
out a ten-year equity plan to allow Charlie to purchase half
the company. Morrow also made the decision to step back
and let Charlie run the company day-to-day. After ten years.
Charlie purchased the other half of lhe oompany to become
the sole owner.

One or the watershed moments in !he company's history came
when one of their national accounts' customers, LensCrafters,
decided !they wanted to work with one gas supplier and receive
one invoice.

"They had 120 gas suppliers, with 120 different prices and
hundreds of rental invoices and pricing," says Wright. "We
weren't a national company, so we put together a network of
independent distributors who were able to do one electronic
invoice. None of the public companies at the time could provide
that electronic invoice, because they weren't fully integrated
with each location. We were the only ones who replied to
LensCraflers with the full solution. so they awarded us the
contract and we still have it."

Thus, Wright Brolhcrs Global Gas, was born.
A second milestone in the company 's history was the

formation of Vendor Managed Gas (VMG).
"VMG is a telemetry product thal we developed
about eight years ago," Wright says. "We did it to support an
application we were doing in gas supply with helium. We were
looking for a more affordable telemetry becuase the
telemetry that was out there was pretty expensive and we could
not find it. So, in talking with Verizon, they said. 'Why don't
you develop your own telemetry?' They told us they could
connect us with people who had that kind of skill set."

VMG is the only industrial gas company who is partnered
with Verizon and it turned out that there was such an appetite
for affordable telemetry in the industry that the company
decided to run it as its own entity.

Today, Wright Brothers, Inc. operates as three branches
under two legal entities: Wright Brothers, Inc., Wright Brothers
Global Gas, LLC, and Vendor Managed Gas. Wright's daughter,
Ashley Werthaiser, serves as president and CEO of Wright
Brothers Global Gas, LLC and VMG. Charlie continues to
serve as CEO of Wright Brothers , Inc. . with an eye towards
moving into a more board level capacity in the next ten years .

"This has heen a great industry with great peopl,"' he says.
"It speaks well to the industry that people tend to stay in it.
I've really enjoyed it. I was giving it a year and 40+ years laler
I'm still enjoying it"

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